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You’re welcome here

What to expect at Crown of Glory Maryland.

At Crown of Glory Maryland, you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you.
We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Crown of Glory Maryland.
All you have to do from here is come as you are and find out more for yourself!

At our services, you can expect:

  • Each service lasts one hour and thirty minutes.
  • Transformation, Thought-provoking, and engaging messages based on the Bible.
  • Spirit-filled, Passionate, High-energy worship music and fervent prayers.
  • Fun teaching for your kids.

At a Sunday service, you can expect:

A place to belong.
Crown of Glory Maryland members are people you can grow, laugh with, and serve with. We have groups for men, women, couples, teenagers, athletes, and more.

A chance to make a difference.
God created you with gifts and skills that you can use to change lives in your community and the world. Serve at Crown of Glory Maryland or connect with one of our ministry partners to get started.

A way to grow.
We want to equip you with the tools to develop as a fully devoted follower of Christ. As an individual, family, or part of a Crown of Glory Maryland, you can find tools for growth here.

Find your personal next step including:

A place for kids.
Each weekend Crown of Glory Maryland Kids, newborns through 6th graders, learn the truth about who God is and who they are because of Him through age-specific lessons, small groups, and trusted adult leadership.

A night just for Young Adults.
Loaded with fast-paced worship and interactive activities, it addresses real issues teens face each day.




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